I love this animated short by Joanna Priestley. It’s simultaneously direct and abstract. Animation, being so elastic, is uniquely equipped to show a person’s changing thought-forms from one moment to the next, and she does it beautifully here.

And my hear beats for the line towards the end, “I can acknowledge that dissonance, put focus on my immediate community, and make that world flourish.” Freakin’ forreal!

(She’s got a You-Tube channel, too!)


I’m a young woman trying to make my way into an industry that is mostly dominated by men or by women whose husbands and fathers have established themselves before they have.

I’m only in my senior year of high school, but already I am seeing how certain boys think that they are entitled to the highest position simply because they are male.

Yes, I use the word boys on purpose.

Because if you were mature enough to be called a man you would realize that I have been around longer. I have worked my ass of longer. I work harder. I am more qualified. And more than anything, I have the most passion and the most drive. If you were a man, you would accept that fact and try to be better than me, try to work harder than me, prove that you belong at the top instead of me.

But like most other boys, you’ve probably had everything handed to you on a silver platter.

Now, do I absolutely despise you because you’re trying to take away my position? No.

Do I think you’re sexist? Absolutely not.

Do I think you take what you have for granted? Completely.

Because the worst part about this is that you don’t even know what you’re doing. You don’t even know why you’re behaving this way. You’ve just been given absolutely everything so now it’s shocking that you don’t have this.

Tell me one thing.

If you already had what I have, would you still want it this bad?

Because I still do.

I will always fight for this. That’s the thing about women. We’re fighters.

Mirsada Abdool Raman

"FFW Spring 2011 Presentation - Women in Film/Media, Equality, and Dedication."

Available at:

Special Thanks to Mirsada for her contribution.

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