“Many women, according to [sociologist Pat] O’Connor, feel the need for friendships with other women so intensely that they mentally create an idealized female friendship that in reality does not exist. The women believe this friendship involves a high level of what O’Connor calls ‘felt attachment,’ which includes a deep feeling of specialness, solidarity, and confiding, a history of shared experiences, the security of promised practical help, and the assurance of complete acceptance. O’Connor discovered, however, that the actual friendships described by her informants in this way really involved few, if any, of these qualities. The women simply mentally constructed a female friendship that fulfilled their emotional needs… many female friendship films can serve this same function. They offer prepackaged mental constructs of idealized friendships that women can use as fantasy substitutes for real-life friendships.” Karen Hollinger, In the Company of Women: Contemporary Female Friendship Films
(i.e. What Liz Lemon Wants)

(Source: erinonainen)

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